Winter events and entertainment in Lech am Arlberg

The winter sports region Lech am Arlberg impresses with memorable events

It’s not just the huge ski area on the Arlberg that has its charm on a winter holiday: look beyond the slopes and discover the numerous events that Lech am Arlberg has to offer in the winter. Whether it’s fascinating artistic performances like the Fantastic Gondolas, sports fun at major events like the “White Ring” race or the atmospheric torchlight races: everyone is sure to find something they don’t want to miss in the events programme.

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End of November / December 2017

30.11.2017 Season opening event, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg
30.11. - 02.12.2017 11th European Media Summit, Lech am Arlberg
30.11. - 02.12.2017 6th Snow & Safety Conference (in German Language), Zürs am Arlberg
05.12.2017 Advent concert, Rüfiplatz Lech
07. - 08.12.2017 "Arlberg Weinberg" meeting of international wine growers and wine lovers, sport.park.lech
08. - 09.12.2017 Strolz Skitest, Skiservice Strolz am Rüfiplatz
09.12.2017 Skiing with Strolz-Pleasure, Sporthouse Strolz
09.12.2017 Fantastic Gondolas, Rüfikopf Zürs
09. - 10.12.2017 Christmas market in Zug
12.12.2017 Advent concert, Rüfiplatz Lech
14.12.2017 Christmas reading, Lech am Arlberg
15. - 18.12.2017 Christmas market in Lech, Church square Lech
16.12.2017 Red Bull Ski Event, Zürs am Arlberg
16. - 23.12.2017 Family ski week, Zürs am Arlberg
19.12.2017 Advent concert, Rüfiplatz Lech
21.12.2017 Christmas reading, Church Zürs
25.12.2017 Sansta Claus is coming, Zürs am Arlberg

January 2018

01.01.2018 Acoustic fireworks, Edelweißplatz Zürs
06. - 13.01.2018 Family ski week, Zürs am Arlberg
13.01.2018 1st Skifilm Festival by Strolz and Go Pro, Strolz am Rüfiplatz
18.01.2018 Speed Race Zürs, Zürs am Arlberg
20.01.2018 The White Ring - the race, Rüfikopf
26. - 28.01.2018 Freeride Safety Camp, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg

February 2018

27.01. - 03.02.2018 Ski-Club Arlberg Week, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg
12.02.2018 Children's carnival in Zürs, Ice Skating Square Zürs
13.02.2018 Children's carnival in Lech, Children´s ski school Lech

March 2018

March 2018 She-Ski week, Zürs am Arlberg

April 2018

01.04.2018 The Easter Bunny comes to Zürs, Zürs am Arlberg
01. - 15.04.2018 Arlberg dance café, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg
07.04.2018 3. Int. "KÄSTLE Dirndl" Ski day, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg
07.04.2018 Rüfi 900, Lech am Arlberg
11. - 13.04.2018 Europa Forum Lech, Lech am Arlberg
14.04.2018 Wine gondolas, Auenfeld-Jet
14.04.2018 Sister Resort Party, sport.park.lech
20. - 22.04.2018 23th Spring festival in Oberlech, Burgplateau Oberlech
22.04.2018 End of season, Lech/Zürs am Arlberg

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