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125 kilometres: retracing history and geography


Whether you hike as a group, with your dog, your partner or on your own – a thematic hiking tour is a captivating experience. The long-distance hiking tour “Lechweg” revolves around the river Lech. As main actor, the bright turquoise water guides hiking tour participants on 125 kilometres through breath-taking landscapes and pieces of mythical history. But these are not the only highlights of your walking journey – be prepared for a sheer waterfall of experiences!

Hotel Aurora and Haus Braunarl are partners of the Lech trail. We know all there is to know about modern long-distance hiking and are happy to consult you about your Lech trail hiking tour. Whether you need tips concerning the different trail stages or alternative hiking tours, maps, information about time tables, weather reports or the appropriate catering for hikers – Hotel Aurora and Haus Braunarl are your most proficient hiking partners.

Two countries, three regions: from the source to the waterfall

The Lech trail is a hiking tour through a unique landscape, from the source of the river to the Lech waterfall. River Lech seeps out near lake Formarin. From there, the Lech trail guides us past one of the largest Alpine Ibex colonies of Europe, lets you cross Austria’s longest pedestrian bridge and proudly presents Bavarian kings’ castles – because hiking on the Lech trail means going from the Austrian regions Vorarlberg and Tirol to Germany’s Bavaria. You will also experience pieces of history and tradition that connect the regions along the river, from the Romans and their crossing of the Alps to the so-called Swabian children (Schwabenkinder) and finally the ancient profession of the rafters. Relish in the interesting past while enjoying the beautiful and vast variety of fauna and flora of the wild river landscape.

Fluss LEch

15 stages: Lech long-distance trail

Holiday means enjoying. Enjoying means selection. The Lech trail consists of 15 stages, and you can choose which one you would like to hike – because not everyone wants to take on all the 125 kilometres of the long-distance trail.

As partner of the Lech trail, we are looking forward to supporting you and providing maximal comfort.

Wanderer am Lechweg

You can reach 3 stages of the trail along the mighty river from Hotel Aurora and Haus Braunarl:

  • Stage 1 – from lake Formarin to village Lech: The start of the Lech trail offers a wonderful view into the majestic landscape around Lech. Start with a view of lake Formarin, one of the most beautiful places of Austria, and hike out of the valley through the headwaters to the village Lech, where our hotel is situated.
  • Stage 2 – from Lech to Warth: From Hotel Aurora you can hike on a trail with a lovely view, right above the Lech gorge to Grenztobel. From the end of this stage, a bus will take you back to your holiday accommodation in Lech.
  • Stage 3 – from Warth to Steeg: You will reach the starting point of the third stage comfortably with the bus and from there you will hike on a panorama trail to Steeg.
Wanderer vor Gebirgsbach
Discover nature’s treasure

In addition to the 15 stages of the Lech trail, the trails called “Lech loops” (German: Lechschleifen) will guide you through the diverse mountain world around Lech river – these routes complement the original trail. Whether you want to go on a lovely day hike from Hotel Aurora or Haus Braunarl or experience even more of the wonderful mountain world after a completed trail hike, this is your chance to discover more outstandingly beautiful places.
Find more information about all the stages of the Lech trail as well as the “Lech loops” at www.lechweg.com.

If you are curious to see the Lech trail, its landscapes and its mythological background, we are looking forward to receiving your unconditional request for your hiking journey on the Lech trail.

Zwei Wanderer am Lechweg