The Lechweg hike – one river, countless impressions

125 kilometres: following the tracks of the landscape and history

Whether it's a group trip along the Lechweg, with your dog, as a cosy couple or on your own – it's exceptionally beautiful to have a theme when walking. As with the Lechweg, which as the name already says focuses on the river Lech. As the main character the bright turquoise stretch of water leads 125 kilometres through breathtaking scenery and a few pieces of legendary history. And your hiking trip along the Lechweg has even more to offer than the flowing drift. Look forward to a proper waterfall of experiences.

2 countries, 3 regions: from the source to the falls

At the Hotel Aurora and Braunarl residence we will be happy to tell you all about your Lechweg hike and provide you with maps and tips. But to set the scene: there is quite a lot to see. And even more to be amazed at. The Lech river springs from the nearby Formarinsee Lake, from there the Lechweg leads past Europe's largest ibex colony, lets you cross Austria's longest pedestrian bridge and proudly presents the Bavarian royal castles to you. That's right, a hiking trip along the Lechweg means a tour in Austria's Vorarlberg and Tyrol into Bavaria in Germany. At the same time you experience part of history and tradition which links the countries with the river. From the Romans and their crossings of the Alps, to the Swabian children and the raftsmen. Naturally the diversity of the wild river landscape's flora and fauna impresses all the senses along the way.

15 stages: the Lechweg, an escape from everyday life

A holiday means enjoyment. And enjoyment means being able to pick and choose. The Lechweg is therefore divided up into 15 stages in total, which you can choose from. At the end of the day not everyone wants to take on the long route's whole 125 kilometres. As a partner business of the Lechweg we are delighted to be able to assist you with your planning and a great deal of comfort and convenience. More information can be found at

Are you curious about the Lechweg, its scenery and legends? Then we look forward to receiving your non-binding enquiry for your hiking trip along the Lechweg.


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